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Heith Summer Week Day 2--Staycation by PerrythePlatypusGirl Heith Summer Week Day 2--Staycation :iconperrytheplatypusgirl:PerrythePlatypusGirl 14 3 Romelle by PerrythePlatypusGirl Romelle :iconperrytheplatypusgirl:PerrythePlatypusGirl 20 1 Willet Week Day 2--Safe by PerrythePlatypusGirl Willet Week Day 2--Safe :iconperrytheplatypusgirl:PerrythePlatypusGirl 21 9
With the blue and green Earth sitting large and clear in front of them, visible through the castle windows, it was no wonder everyone was in a frenzy. Pidge, Lance and Hunk were busy gathering their things, excitedly getting ready to see their families again. Allura and Coran were readying themselves for their visit to the planet, and hoping that its leaders would be welcoming. 
Keith, on the other hand, didn't have much to prepare for. He didn't have many belongings other than his knife that he cared about, so he was killing time by wandering the castle and watching in amusement as the others scurried about. Someone was missing, though. But Keith had a good idea of where to find him.
When he arrived on the observation deck, Keith had to stop for a moment. Earth really was beautiful from far away. But as awe-inspiring as it was, it paled in comparison to the lone figure standing in front of it.
Shiro turned around when he heard the door open, giving Keith a small smile before goin
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Allura considered herself to be a level-headed person. Someone calm and collected, who could lead the coalition without letting her personal feelings get in the way. For the most part, she embodied that image pretty well.
But sometimes she got overwhelmed. Sometimes she got stressed, upset, tired...and just wanted to be alone with her thoughts. She could go to the holo-deck, but that was currently down for maintenance. Memories were something Allura took solace in. They soothed her. So for now, she went to the next best thing: the castle library. There were plenty of old Altean logs in there, both informational and fictional stories. It was nostalgic, and there was usually nobody else in there.
Allura breathed a sigh of relief as she stepped into the library, only to stiffen up again when she realized she wasn’t alone. Matt was standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by various holo screens and jumping when he heard the door. The screens fizzled slightly as he stu
:iconperrytheplatypusgirl:PerrythePlatypusGirl 4 0
A collection of Baby Keiths by PerrythePlatypusGirl A collection of Baby Keiths :iconperrytheplatypusgirl:PerrythePlatypusGirl 35 9
hey look at what i drew


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Maria K.
United States
My name is Maria. I'm a college student studying art/design. This is my account where I post about fandoms that I'm childishly obsessed with. I've had this account since I was 13, so feel free to go back and track my artistic progress since then, if you can handle the cringey art I made as a kid.

My main current fandom is Voltron: Legendary Defender, but I have plenty of other things I'm into. Go through my gallery if you're curious to see my fandom history.

I mostly draw ships. Probably an unfortunate habit, but that's just the subject that I find most inspiring for fanart.

I'm also on Tumblr, Wattpad, and FanFiction. PerrythePlatypusGirl on all those sites.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I'm back with more ramblings about Voltron ships! This is the second half of my list, the first half is here.

Once again, these are just my opinions. You're free to disagree, but please be respectful and leave the discourse out of the comments.

Also, since I forgot to mention this last time, there are spoilers within my explanations, so beware! Especially at the top five.

10.Keitor (Keith x Lotor)

Keith vs Lotor by Yelonis

Hmmm, so. There's a story behind this one. I don't usually like hero/villain ships, at least, not as much as I like this one. But then some dumb stuff happened and ngl it's kind of embarrassing.

So. It’s post-season 2. Lotor has been name-dropped but not fully revealed yet, and everyone is going crazy with speculations about what he’ll be like. In the midst of it, my darling sweetheart A-Splashing-Koi came to me and said “what if Lotor had a creepy crush on Keith this time instead of Allura.”

And then we spent the next seven months writing a fanfic with that exact premise, and we had a lot of fun with it. Like, way too much fun. And now, I'm highly very attached to this ship, even if it’s just our version of this ship.

Sadly, we didn't actually finish the fic before season 3 came out and destroyed all our theories--it's so outdated and inaccurate now that you'll never get to see it. Sorry.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, that's the reason the ship ranks so high. But what do I think of know, actual ship with the canon Lotor?

Well, I'd sum it up by saying it's similar to my feelings about Allotor. Two very complex, angsty and emotional characters...shit’s gonna go down and regardless of how well it ends, it's gonna be great. The added bonus is that Keith and Lotor have a lot in common. They’re set up as narrative foils to each other, and they're both half Galra. They could either bond because of this, or they could be at each other’s throats.

Even though I prefer our self-indulgent darkship version of the ship, I'm still very much looking forward to seeing how they interact in canon.

9.Hallura (Hunk x Allura)

Image result for hallura
Coran ships it lol

I want to say “why isn't this ship more popular???” But the fact of the matter is that 90% of the people who ship this are uh…the part of the fandom that I'd rather not interact with. So for all intents and purposes, I'm alone.

But that won't stop me from creating content for this ship because it is so fucking pure. Hunk and Allura are the pinnacle of that couple who seem sweet and diplomatic but probably talk shit about you to each other when you’re not around. They're both very excitable, but also very thoughtful characters, and I love thinking about the different ways they would interact.

I'm honestly hoping that we’ll get a solo mission for these two like we did with Hunk and Keith in season 2. Because they desperately need it, I think they have exchanged a total of like...two lines of dialogue in the whole series. I want to see how their strengths and weaknesses play off of each other, what they do and don't agree on--just give them some screentime! This is probably the most underrated pair both as a ship and just as teammates within canon. Blease Dreamworks, I'm begging you…

I can't say much more about this ship because there isn't much to it, but I just think they'd be so adorable together, and I’m always so happy to see content of them.

8.Kidge (Keith x Pidge)

Related image

My thoughts on this are similar to the last one--why haven't these two had more one-on-one screentime??

Except unlike Hallura, this ship seems like it demands more attention in the show. Keith and Pidge have SO much in common. Their personalities are similar, they both lost someone important to them in space and struggled with whether or not to let Voltron go to shit for the sake of finding said loved one...they're so similar it's ridiculous that they’ve barely talked to each other until now. We’ve seen vague scenes of them working together, but I want them to talk.

Image result for keith and pidge plan
This is the most interaction they've ever had aside from that time they smiled at each other in s1

Bex Taylor-Klaus, Pidge’s VA, is even on record in an interview saying that Keith and Pidge secretly adore each other. What the fuck??? That's so cute?? But where?? Where is it?? Why haven't I seen this in the show?? This is bullshit!

And honestly, even without that, Kidge appealed to me on mere principal. I guess I just have a thing for pairing up the two snarkiest characters, considering how these two remind me of Hirogo, a huge OTP of mine.

I said that Hallura was sweet and fluffy, well, Kidge is the exact opposite. Kidge is spicy. Kidge is a fiery explosion of emotion and intimacy and it's amazing.

If only they’d just….you know….talk.

(There's also something neat about the fact that Pidge and Keith were the only Earth paladins who didn't have some kind of history together before the show started. They knew each other the least, so that makes it even sweeter if they were the ones to get together).

7.Heith (Hunk x Keith)

Image result for hunk and keith

(Throws more Keith ships at your face because I'm a ho for Keith and I ship him with almost everyone)

Tbh? If it wasn't for...a few other ships that I will talk about later, this would have been my top ship. There’s much to appreciate about this pair. The fact that Hunk can bring out the soft, happy jokey side in the prickly asocial Keith. The fact that they balance each other out with their impulsive/cautious, and their serious/lighthearted, and even their thematic offense/defense. The fact that Hunk was probably cautious around Keith because he only knew him as Lance’s angry rival, but then grew to like him and become closer to him. Just. GOD.

This ship is so good. I'm so glad they got a solo episode together, and it was such a fun episode too. Hunk would be so good to Keith, and for Keith as a character. If they were dating I can’t imagine anything but adorable and supportive. Pretty short and simple, but I don't think it needs to be complicated for me to love it as much as I do.

6.Allurance (Allura x Lance)

Image result for lance and allura

I'm pretty sure I'm in the same boat as a lot of other people on this one--I didn't like it at first, but after season 3, I wouldn't mind at all if they got together.

In the first two seasons of the show, Lance was just obnoxiously flirting with Allura and she always brushed him off. It was played for laughs, nobody really thought it would go anywhere, and some people were even put off by it. But then, in season 3, things changed. Their relationship was now talking to each other and supporting each other.

Lance supported Allura when she started piloting the Blue Lion. He was proud of her when she made progress as a Paladin. He was the one who encouraged her to look within herself and use her power to save Voltron, even going so far as to call her “the heart of Voltron.” And in return, she was also proud of him when he took up the Red Lion, comparing him to her father, a strong and courageous man. And she was the one who reassured him of his importance to the team when he was feeling like he didn't belong. Like. What kind of mutual support.

I get that some people might still be a little off out--I've seen some say that it seems like the narrative is rewarding Lance for his obnoxious persistence in the first two seasons. But, the thing is, Lance has really grown and changed. He's not just flirting with the pretty girl anymore, I think it's safe to say hat he genuinely loves her. Now everyone and their dog thinks they’re one of the likeliest pairings to be endgame.

Image result for allurance season 4

Now, we still don't know how Allura feels. For all we know this is just another part of the Allura Otome™ and we’ll start focusing on her bond with another guy next season. But, despite the fact that my heart belongs to other ships, I can't say I'd be upset if these two did indeed end up together.

5.Zaggar (Zarkon x Haggar)

Image result for zarkon and haggar

I just. Have one question. Which VLD writer looked at these two…

Related imageImage result for haggar 80s voltron

...and said “hey! What if they were married?”

Because to whoever that was, I'd like to offer my sincerest gratitude.

I noticed at the end of season 2 that Haggar seemed….a bit more worried about Zarkon than anyone else apparently was. I thought perhaps she had secret feelings for him, but I was not expecting them to already be married (even though she apparently forgot lol). That's the most amazing plot twist ever. Out with the “they're related” plot twists, give me more “they've been married for millennia” plot twists, please.

And their whole backstory was one of the most tragically romantic things I’d ever seen. Like….Zarkon, you are a dumbass, destroying the universe to save your wife. But that's also kind of beautiful and I hate that this evil space lizard and his old witch wife and making me feel things like this. Their first meeting was also the most adorable things in existence too.

Image result for zarkon meets honerva
"oh no she's hot"

And tbh, one of the funniest things that the fandom has been doing since s3 is that everyone is trying to draw parallels between Zaggar and their own otp. It's kind of sad, lmao, but also kinda cute. This evil couple is literally The OTP that everyone else is striving to be. Amazing. Who will be the next person who has to choose between the universe and their beloved, I wonder? We just don't know.

But honestly? Who cares. Zaggar is the only True Canon Ship we need. Nothing says true love like becoming zombies taking over the entire damn universe together.

4.Mallura (Matt x Allura)

They're gettin married by PerrythePlatypusGirl

“Maria are you serious? You go on about all the development Allurance has had, and then you prefer the ship that was played as a joke??”

Okay first off, Allurance was also played as a joke at first so hush, you don't know what's coming.

Second, there's a story behind this one too.

Believe it or not, I've actually shipped Mallura since after season one. Yeah. Season one.

Much like Coryner, it was something that just popped into my head one day and I just thought “huh. This would be interesting.” Even though we knew nothing at all about Matt at the time, I could stop thinking of how cute it would be for them to save Matt and for him to fall instantly in love with Allura, just like how we later saw Zarkon fall for Honerva.

I also had all these headcanons about how Matt would be a culture nerd, he’d be interested in Altean culture, and Allura would be more than happy to show him. I still think it would be a great idea.

Also, I noticed that they were very similar to Milo and Kida from Atlantis, which just made me like it more.

Related image
Seriously, look

It was a crack ship. I never expected anything to actually happen with Mallura on the show...and then season fucking four happened.

Image result for matt meets allura

I spent like...a week in disbelief. I don't understand how the fuck I predicted something like this. Matt really did fall in love with Allura at first sight, even if it was more over the top and comedic than I imagined it. Like….what? What the fuck?? Lance, step aside, my ship just appeared the hell out of nowhere and I am digging this so hard.

I know people hate love triangles, but I think it would be reaaal nice if we made the audience a little unsure of whether Allura would end up with Lance or Matt, rather than just making Matt an obvious rival for Lance to defeat. Or maybe that's just because my Mallura shipper self would feel gypped after being thrown a bone.

Whatever, I'm not sure about how likely it is to happen, I'm just euphoric that my dumb crack ship actually got something.

3.Hunay (Hunk x Shay)

Image result for hunk and shay

Hey you know what makes me mad? Like, really mad?

The fact that Hunk has been mentioning Shay in vlogs in comics...but we haven't seen them speak to each other since the first season!

Hey Dreamworks...what are you doing? You can't just introduce this pure and sweet couple and then just leave them in the dust! Where's my Hunay reunion, dammit! I've been craving it for so long.

But tbh? The fact that Hunk was the first person on the show to have an obvious canon romantic arc makes me very happy. He deserves it. He and Shay are just adorable together, it's so sweet to see a couple develop naturally, just by talking and learning about each other without any of the forced romantic tropes. Shay had never even seen the sky before, but Hunk was there to show her the world. It's so sweet. ;-;

Image result for hunk and shay

I also really liked how Shay was pivotal to Hunk’s arc in the first season. He’d seen the horrors of the Galra empire, and how Shay had let herself be captured to get him away from the Galra. And he was desperate to go back and save her as soon as possible. She's the one who inspired him to stay with Voltron and fight for the universe.

And the scene where they watched Shay’s first sunrise together...I’m just...emotional, okay. Where is Shay, Dreamworks. Where are the Shay and Hunk moments. I need more.

Image result for hunk and shay sunset

2.Pidgance (Pidge x Lance)

Image result for pidge and lance

As I mentioned before, I started off shipping nothing in Voltron. This ship is the one that changed that.

Lance flirts with all the girls. Pidge is a girl, but Lance never flirted with her. Because he thought she was a boy at first and in the back of his mind, he probably still thinks of her as one of the Bros™.

And then, I thought to myself, what if one day it finally hits him. “Holy shit Pidge is?? Actually a pretty girl?? Tf???” And he has no idea what to do because this is Pidge and he knows his usual pickup lines won't work on her and he knows her so well what the heck is he supposed to do?

It's textbook irony. Heck, the fact that Lance’s reaction to her gender reveal was emphasized is already suspect, especially considering his character of being The Flirt. And even though Lance’s canon growth came more from Allura, I still maintain that Pidgance has a ton of potential. Lance, the energetic, flirty social butterfly goofball, with Pidge, the sarcastic nerd who isn't good with people. It sounds like the setup for a romcom.

Image result for pidge and lance gif

Sometimes I think they would just fall apart, but then I remember some of the subtle moments they had in the show. In episode one they already seem comfortable being in each other’s personal space (though, that could just be Lance being Lance). Later it seems that Lance is trying to understand the crazy tech that Pidge goes gaga over, as if possibly trying to see things through her perspective.

And then there’s little things from Pidge. Where she yells at Hunk for trying to touch her computer, she seems cool with letting Lance take her headphones, her phone, and with him playing the video game--which she obviously worked hard to set up--by himself. Where she teases Hunk and Coran for having “girlfriends,” she gets annoyed whenever she sees Lance paying attention to girls. Maybe it's just my shipper goggles, but I think Pidge may actually have a crush on Lance. She just doesn't know it yet.

Buuuut regardless, again, there's a ton of potential here. And also a ton of adorable little aspects like their size difference, and their tendency to joke and gossip with each other, and their size difference, and their blue/green earth dynamic, and their size difference, and their common value of family, and their SI ZE DI FFE ERENCE--

Image result for pidgance screenshot
Perfect height for a chinrest....Pidge could just rest her head on his's so perfect

I want Lance to cuddle Pidge like she's a teddy bear.

They're adorable. They will always be my favorite ship regardless of who they actually end up with in canon. I love them.

Also their scene in the fountain and they adopted a cow and they are gamer buddies FUCK--

Uhm, anyway, I've rambled on for a while on this one, so let’s continue…

Before we get to #1, I want to give an honorable mention to Plaxance (Plaxum x Lance)! Super cute ship but ultimately not enough content for me to get into it, rip (continues shipping Coran x Ryner which has literally no content at all)

Also Hidge (Hunk x Pidge) because it's adorable.

Aaaaand here we go (drumroll)

1.Sheith (Shiro x Keith)

Related image

Who’s surprised?

(nobody raises their hand)

Before I get into rambling about how I would ride or die for this ship, let me tell you the story of how I first got into it in the first place. Some people say they got into Sheith because of their canon moments, some say it was because of all the pretty fanart. For me, it was a combination of several different people shoving it into my face and spite shipping.

~~~Once upon a time, Maria had just finished watching Voltron season 1 and wasn’t shipping anything. She was hanging around the fandom and noticed that some people were shipping Shiro and Keith. Maria found that a bit weird, but she’d been in fandoms for a long time and really, she’d seen much weirder. So she just ignored it. Well, when she thought about it, she could see Keith having a lil gay crush on Shiro in a Notice Me Senpai kind of way, but that was all, really.

And then one day, Maria’s beautiful friend NicoTheTDPinkiePie came up to her and said “idk, I kinda ship it. They kinda remind me of another otp of mine.” And due to the love Maria had for her dear friend, she got curious about this ship that Nico liked so much. So she went around browsing for Sheith content and found this and this and this and this . And so, Maria thought to herself, “wait what? Is this an actual thing? Why are the cast and crew so supportive of this ship. I guess it must not be so weird after all.”

By this point Maria was kinda starting to get into Shallura too, and she wasn’t sure which ship she liked more. Then the Dick Horse began. And Maria said, “Sheith. Definitely Sheith. Totally the better ship. Fuck y’all.” The End~~~

That’s how it began. But trust me when I say that that’s not how I feel about it today. It’s not just a guilty pleasure or a spite ship, hell there’s no way it would be number one if it was. I love Sheith because Shiro and Keith love each other. It’s just so evident in the way they treat each other.

Call if brotherly if you want, but when two characters show this amount of devotion, admiration and respect for each other all the time, to the point where even people on the cast and crew start shipping it, then how can you expect people not to fall head over heels with this ship? I was given the push into this ship through spite and wanting to make a friend happy, but everything else? That came from the show itself.

Image result for shiro and keith

Shiro and Keith have obviously known each other for a long time. Hell, we haven’t even seen their backstory yet, but we know that Shiro was a major influence on Keith’s life. And we can very easily assume that Shiro was the one person that Keith felt safe around after literally everyone in his life had abandoned or given up on him. And, after that, we see them trusting and caring for each other endlessly.

Y’all, Keith’s literal first line in the show is Shiro’s name. This guy blew up government property and beat up three grown ass men, but when he sees Shiro? Goes immediately soft. This person that he cares so much about has been gone for a year, and then he came back. Then season 2 happened and the universe tore them apart again. And then Shiro came back. Hey @ Voltron, is this a fairy tale? This seems like a fairy tale.

And don’t get me started on literally everything else that happens between them. Shiro wants Keith to take his place should anything ever happen to him, because he trusts Keith and believes in him. Keith, on the other hand, is adamant that nothing will ever happen to Shiro, because he loves him too much to even entertain the painful thought of anything bad happening to his best friend. There’s also the time when Keith just had the shit beat out of him by several BOM members, and then his suit conjures up an image of Shiro because apparently, Keith desperately wants to see him at this very moment.


What did Shiro do to make Keith love him this much what is their backstory I gotta know.

And tbh, that’s just a couple of the many moments that they’ve had. How about that one time that Keith was so distraught about Shiro's mysterious absence that he was almost willing to let the universe go to shit because he couldn't imagine forming Voltron without Shiro, or worse, replacing Shiro? Now that's some serious devotion.

We’ve also seen then continuously checking up on each other…
Image result for sorry we doubted ulaz shiroImage result for shiro keith you seem anxious
Image result for as many times as it takesImage result for sorry i had to step in back there sheith

...along with whatever the fuck this is…

Image result for as many times as it takes
Related image

It’s actually kind of hard for me to imagine that they’d fall in love with anyone else besides each other. It would take a lot for someone else to come along and somehow top this level of devotion. (Especially for Keith, dear God.)  The only thing I can possibly see getting in the way is the 7-year age difference, but you know what? If Tangled and Phineas and Ferb can get away with it, it can happen here.

This, in my opinion, is the best candidate on the show for a loving, passionate, slow-burn romance. Two good friends who respect and adore each other, realizing that they want to spend the rest of their lives together? Good shit, very good shit. And I’ll love them even if they don’t end up being canon.

And I think I’m done talking your ears off for now. I could go on and on about these two, but I think I’ve summed it up.


Thank you all for wading through my fangirl tears. If you made it this far, I commend you and will give you a pat on the back.

If for some reason you want to hear more about my lame ass opinions, please leave a nice comment down below. Bye for now!


Voltron got me feeling some kinda way, I haven't calmed down at all since Friday 
I've been waiting for her to appear for the past year and she does not disappoint. I adore her.

Romelle belongs to Dreamworks
Art is mine
With the blue and green Earth sitting large and clear in front of them, visible through the castle windows, it was no wonder everyone was in a frenzy. Pidge, Lance and Hunk were busy gathering their things, excitedly getting ready to see their families again. Allura and Coran were readying themselves for their visit to the planet, and hoping that its leaders would be welcoming. 

Keith, on the other hand, didn't have much to prepare for. He didn't have many belongings other than his knife that he cared about, so he was killing time by wandering the castle and watching in amusement as the others scurried about. Someone was missing, though. But Keith had a good idea of where to find him.

When he arrived on the observation deck, Keith had to stop for a moment. Earth really was beautiful from far away. But as awe-inspiring as it was, it paled in comparison to the lone figure standing in front of it.

Shiro turned around when he heard the door open, giving Keith a small smile before going back to the window. “Hey,” he said softly. 

Keith strode forward to stand next to him, mimicking Shiro’s cross-armed pose and also staring out at the Earth. “Hey,” he replied. “How come you're not getting ready?”

“I'm already done,” Shiro said. “There's not much for me to get ready for, anyway.” 

Keith bit his lip. “Yeah. Me neither.” 

There was a short pause as they kept watching their planet slowly grow closer. 

“Everyone seems really excited to go home, huh?” Shiro asked quietly. 

Keith nodded. “Yeah. I guess I kinda missed it too.”

Shiro hummed in response. “Well, I'm glad for you then.”

“You're not excited to go back?”

“...I don't really have anything to go back to.” 

Keith turned to look at Shiro for the first time since he got there. Shiro was staring at the floor, with a sad frown on his face that made Keith’s heart ache. 

Shiro had never seemed the type to be lonely, but Keith knew him better than that. They'd been fighting in space for so long that neither of them had given much thought to what they'd do if they made it back home. Shiro probably wouldn't go back to the Garrison, and he hadn't had a family since his grandfather died. 

Keith gulped, and his voice shook when he spoke again, barely thinking about it beforehand. “ can...stay with me.” 

Shiro looked at him in surprise for just a moment. Then he laughed. “Thanks, Keith, but I wouldn't want to get in your way.”

“You wouldn't be in my way, what are you talking about?”

“I figured you'd be busy trying to get your family back together. What about your parents?”

Keith hesitated for a moment and looked down. “I...yeah, that's true but...well, Krolia’s pretty busy with her missions, and who knows if we’ll ever really be able to…” 

He stopped, not sure where he was going with that thought.

Shiro was still looking at him. “...and your father?”

“...I don't know,” Keith replied. He looked up at Shiro again. “But still, even if both of them are with me, it just...doesn't feel right if you're not around.”  

Shiro just stared. Keith’s heart skipped a beat for some reason, but he kept going. 

“Look, I know a lot of things have changed ever since you left the Garrison, but you’re still my best friend, okay?” Keith rambled. “I've lost you too many times, and I don't want to be without you anymore. I can't bear the thought of spending my life down there if you're not with me. I--I want us to be together.” 

Shiro’s mouth hung open slightly, and Keith thought he saw his cheeks turn pink. Though, in the dark of the room, it was hard to tell. 

Keith’s heart was still beating fast. He turned away, looking down at the floor again. “If...if that's okay with you, of course.” 

Shiro didn't reply for a little while, and Keith started to panic until he heard Shiro’s soft voice, “I'd like that.”

It was so quiet he thought he’d imagined it, but then he looked up at Shiro. His friend had visibly relaxed, a shy smile on his face that Keith had never seen before, and yes, he was definitely blushing. 

Shiro spoke again. “I'd like that a lot, actually.” 

Somehow, this outcome hadn't seemed like a possibility to Keith. “Oh,” he replied, eyes wide. 

Then it sunk in, and Keith smiled back, wide and probably a little goofy. “Oh. I--thank you, Shiro.”

Shiro mirrored his expression. “Thank you.” 

The Earth was within reach now. Allura’s voice over the PA announced that they would be entering the atmosphere soon. The cheers of the other Paladins echoed from somewhere in the halls.

Shiro and Keith said nothing as they stared out the window. Without a word, Shiro reached over and gently took Keith’s hand, intertwining their fingers together. Keith allowed himself to be pulled closer until they stood shoulder to shoulder, both of them staring at the blue horizon as they approached home together. 

Written for Sheith Anniversary Week on Tumblr!

Ever since s1 I've wanted them to go back home together....perfect subtle way to end the show tbh.

Characters belong to Dreamworks
Fic is mine


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