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Well, it looks like my darling husband's birthday has come around once more. I'll have to draw something for him later so he doesn't get mad at me. XD

And Happy Earth Day! :earth::la:

in other news, I saw Rio 2 this weekend, and I just have one thing to say:


no really, WHAT.

Hey Blue Sky, how about we just stop with the sequels, ok? Your original stories are way better.

ok, so there were a few things that I did like about this movie, but there was also tons of stuff that I didn't. The plot had an interesting premise but it was just so...poorly executed that I left feeling rather frustrated. In short, the first Rio was glorious, but the second one? Not so much.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Ok, so the main thing that I see wrong with this movie is that there were too many intersecting plot lines, and all of them seemed rushed as frick. we could have taken out several plot lines and the story could have been developed so much better. 

For example, the Nigel and Gabby plotline? Totally useless. The Nico and Pedro plotline? Even more useless. (Which I hate to say because Nico was my favorite in the first movie.) If those had been taken out it wouldn't have been as rushed, and we could have spent more time developing the relationship between Blu, Jewel, Roberto and Jewel's father.  Especially Jewel's father, I mean, I feel like he was jumping around a lot with his attitude toward Blu. I don't mind the whole "grumpy father-in-law" archetype, but I don't like how it was pulled off. Once again, too rushed.

And Jewel.
My. God. What was going on with Jewel.

I mean, here we have poor Blu, doing everything he can to make her happy, and to fit in the tribe, and to be accepted, but none of it is working, because the all view him as a pet. And when Blu brings this up to Jewel, what is her response? 

"Maybe you should stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about us."

well, damn, Jewel, you're not exactly thinking of him either. (I actually said this aloud in the theater, I have no effing regrets.) He did nothing but think of Jewel and the kids and during the entire movie. Ok, so he was a little too dependent on his GPS and human materials that he was used to living with. Is that such a big deal? He's literally known nothing else his whole life, why is everyone giving him crap for that? You can't just force a person to change. (Or a bird, for that matter.) 

and what hat was up with the whole "happy wife, happy life" thing? I mean wow, Blue Sky, way to reinforce the Nagging Wife stereotype. (Not that Jewel was doing much to help.) 

And the kids! Blu and Jewel's kids! They were all so interesting and unique, with their own personalities, why didn't we focus on them more? Srsly.

Actually, if I'm really honest, I found the whole bird plot to be extreeeeemely slow-moving and boring. I was actually sitting in the theater wishing we could just get back to the plot with Linda and Tulio and the loggers, and I had to constantly remind myself that it would all be resolved by the end. 

...which it was, but in the cheesiest of ways. I mean, you don't think that the humans with big scary weapons would put up a LITTLE more of a fight, at least? And like, they weren't even exposed to the authorities that they were doing something illegal. That's not how you handle an illegal logging operation, what even. 

And instead of having the Big Boss Villain get arrested the old fashioned way, what happens to him? He get eaten by a snake.

WHAT THE FRICK. That was probably the most disturbing part of the whole movie for me.  I can even go as far as saying that that one part ruined the whole film for me. More than Jewel, more than the useless plots, more than the rushing. Just. What. Disgusting.

Needless to say, I didn't enjoy the movie, but since I like to be positive, let's talk about some of the things I did like about the movie. XD

I found the rivalry with the red birds to be a little useless as well, though not as much as the other plots I mentioned--it did have a good moral about coming together and fighting a common enemy, and I found the Soccer Game Scene to be quite fun and entertaining--it's actually took my mind off of Linda and Tulio for a while. XD Speaking of which....

The Linda and Tulio plot was just magnificent, which makes it even more disappointing that it ended in such a lame way. No for real, it actually had me on the edge of my seat, I thought the loggers were going to kill them or something. I really wish there had been more action on that end. It would have made the movie so much more interesting. And maybe a smoother blending between the human plotline and the birds plotline would have been nice.

And last but not least, Roberto. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the character. I was expecting him to be the cliche ex-boyfriend that tried to split up Blu's family, but it turns out he wasn't even Jewel's ex...just a childhood friend. He had an interesting personality, and I like how they hinted at a traumatic past with humans without explicitly stating what it was. It was a 
nice twist to his character. :3

Of course, the animation was also gorgeous--I adore Blue Sky's animation and detailing. Just one look at the birds' feathers and you'll know what I'm  talking about. XD 

the songs were alright as well, but they were nowhere NEAR the gloriousness of the songs in the first movie. 

But yeah, not exactly my favorite sequel ever created. I'd give it a 5/10.

feel free to voice your opinions below, and once again, Happy Earth day!! :la:

*runs off the draw a pic for Oncie.*
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Hi, my name is Maria, a high school Christian girl living in California. I made this account because I have drawings up to here that I want to show off. (Because I'm a very big show-off ^^; )Besides drawing, I also take pleasure in singing and writing, mostly singing. And I am constantly changing my art style, so watch out!

I have frizzy brown hair that may be a little TOO thick, and greenish-hazel eyes. I'm tannish and I wear glasses

Peeps I :heart: :


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You and Oncie got married right before my birthday OwO
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I'm sorry to bother, but why do you ship Wreck-it Ralph with Elsa???? it's kinda weird, I just want to know why :) 
Get ready for a frikkjng essay. XD

i guess my love for the pairing started off with Jennifer Lee's tweet, and I really like the idea of a regal queen being paired up with a fat sweet goofball like Ralph. XD 

but out then when I thought about it more I realized that they could actually relate pretty well. Both of them were hated and rejected by their societies for their abilities or roles. Not just alone or isolated, but REJECTED. Neither of them had control over their roles and powers, but people judged them and hated them anyway. And neither of them were happy with that, so they tried to change it. Elsa locked herself up and tried to restrain her powers, but to no avail, and Ralph tried to go and play the role of a good guy, again with no avail. In the end, both characters realized that the labels of the people around them didn't matter, all that mattered is that they accepted themselves. Elsa's love for Anna and Ralph's friendship with Vanellope were the things that truly made them good guys in the end, and that's how they accepted themselves and got everyone else to accept them too. They have very similar character arcs (probably because they were written both by Jen Lee. XD) and I think that would make them relate to each other deeply.)

And personally, I think their personalities balance each other pretty well too. Ralph has kind of a temper, but Elsa is more reserved, so you know that she wouldn't lose her cool if Ralph blows up at someone and would help him to calm down. The thought of Ralph being mad at Gene or whatever but restraining himself just to make Elsa happy makes me fangirl at levels you can't imagine. XD Also, where Elsa is slightly insecure, Ralph is very protective and wouldn't let anybody hurt her feelings. Their relationship would really be one of checks and balances, which is really the only type of relationship I can see Elsa having romantically--she is a grown up queen and wouldn't just be with someone just because of hormones. And frankly, I think that's beneficial to both of them. To sum it up, Elsa could teach Ralph how to control his temper and be more considerate of others, and Ralph would help her to be more confident in herself and not put up with the crap people give her any longer. 

And of course, they would both live each other very much. I mean I think that Elsa would be a little frightened by Ralph at first, but when she sees how sweet he is--( let's face it, Ralph is extremely sweet), she would open up to him and they woudk slowly move along. And just imagine Ralph being in love! With a queen! And then he's be falling all over himself trying to be all sophisticated in front if her...OMG sorry but I just can't resist that. XDDD
DylanofDisney 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For that masterpiece, you get a Llama!
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