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Mah art. :icongrin--plz: Hope you like!!




These are mostly for my portfolio, so there won't be too much fandom-related stuff, but if you'd like to follow, please feel free! The more publicity, the better. XD

Instagram: @ptpgmariadraws
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TiOL Episode 14--preview by PerrythePlatypusGirl
TiOL Episode 14--preview
I'm real sorry this is taking so and life getting in the way. >_< It's a little over halfway done, I just have to find time to sit down and work on it a few chunks at a time...thanks so much for your patience. ;w;

But anyway, while you're waiting, see if you can figure out what the heck is going on. :icondancingplz:

Characters belong to their respective owners.
Art and story are mine.
Flamboyant Romantic by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Flamboyant Romantic
Big Hero 6 headcanon #84578435:
Despite being shy and awkward at 14, Hiro becomes a hilariously flamboyant romantic as he gets older.

Hirogo. >w>
Btw, my scanner cut it off, but it says "2019" in the second one, so yes, time has passed. :XD:

Please don't bug me about her name. Yes, I know she's Korean in the Disney version. Yes, I know that Jamie Chung said her name is Ethel. I just prefer Leiko.

Hiro Hamada and GoGo Tomago (c) Disney
Art is miiine 
But first, a few disclaimers:
:bulletred: As the title says, these are OPINIONS. If you don't agree with me, that's ok.

:bulletred: If it seems like I'm being too negative, just remember that I only did these for my fandoms. I'm by no means a hater of this fandom--it's just that most of my positive opinions are, well, popular.

:bulletred:Feel free to flame me if you want, just know that all flames will be screencapped and posted for everyone to laugh at (and I won't blot out your name).

:bulletred: So now, enjoy my unpopular opinions...


Unpopuar Opinions: Pokemon

:bulletred:I'm not excited for Pokemon GO. In fact, I'm dreading it.

:bulletred:Tbh I've never wanted Pokemon be real. I like the games for what they are, but after reading some of those Pokedex entries, I'm thankful that they're fictional.

:bulletred:I don't mind that the anime is cyclical. I still enjoy watching it and I still love Ash.

:bulletred:Red is a pretty stale character, even in Origins. Blue would have been a much more interesting hero.

:bulletred:Pikachu isn't overrated and I like all of its clones.

:bulletred:Gen 1 isn't the best.

:bulletred:Gen 3 isn't the best.

:bulletred:Gen 5 is actually the best one. Screw the haters.

:bulletred:Though I agree that the Best Wishes anime was pretty poorly written, I don't think the characters were the problem. I love Iris and Cilan, as well as most of the side characters and gym leaders.




:bulletred:I've grown a distaste for the whole concept of legendary Pokemon (it's mostly gen 4's fault) and I would have no problem if they were able to somehow remove the whole thing from the games.

:bulletred:Arceus is a pretty crappy god.  I mean, the term "Pokemon god" is a terrible oxymoron anyway--since a Pokemon can be physically captured and CONTROLLED by a human, while a god can't. It makes no sense.

:bulletred:I like Gates to Infinity. Whoops.

:bulletred:I've never tried competitive battling, so I guess I can't say much, but I'll try: while I agree that the strategy here is way better than mindless grinding and luck, there are some numbers that should seriously be taken out, such as the IV system. Honestly, I don't understand why two Pokemon of the same species and level can't be equal just because one has better genetics. It's pretty unfair and it makes people waste countless hours of breeding to get good IVs. EVs are fine, but get those IVs the frick out of here.

:bulletred:Team Magma > Team Aqua

:bulletred:Professor Sycamore isn't attractive. I don't understand the hype.

:bulletred:I don't like the manga.

:bulletred:I like the wizard fox. I like it better than the ninja frog. No regrets.

:bulletred:For the most part, Remakes > Originals. That's kinda the point of improve on the originals...

To be soon as I think of more...
Unpopular Opinions: Pokemon
This is a much bigger franchise compared to the rest of my fandoms, so I have a little more to say and I'll probably get more hate. :XD:

(I'll post links to the rest of them tomorrow)

Enjoyy~~pikachu Rup cheeks plz Pikachu want it Pikachus nuzzles cheeks Pikachu yays Pikachu Plz Pikachu watching Pikachu Wave Satoshi (Pikachu use Thunderbolt) [V1] Ash Ketchum Emote 10 Pokemon - Ash Ketchum [V.1] Pokemon - Ash Ketchum [Huh] [V.1] Pokeball Go! Ash ketchum (Rage) Torchic :iconbruhpertplz: Mew Satisfied Eevee la icon La-Pokeball Emoticon :pokemonmlg: teh running Pikachu Cilan Emote (Pokemon) - Happy Cilan Chili And Cress (Pose) Cilan (Detective) Ash Vs Cilan Cress And Chili (battle) Pokemon - Misty [Wink] [V.1] Misty(Yelling) May Dancing Icon May Smile Icon Team Rocket (Intro) [V1] Kojiro and Musashi (Prepare for trouble) [V1] FREE icon: Dawn from pokemom D and P Hikari (Bleh) 


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These are mostly for my portfolio, so there won't be too much fandom-related stuff, but if you'd like to follow, please feel free! The more publicity, the better. XD

Instagram: @ptpgmariadraws
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United States
Hi, my name is Maria, a college Christian girl living in California. I made this account because I have drawings up to here that I want to show off. (Because I'm a very big show-off ^^; )Besides drawing, I also take pleasure in singing and writing, mostly singing. And I am constantly changing my art style, so watch out!

I have frizzy brown hair that may be a little TOO thick, and greenish-hazel eyes. I'm tannish and I wear glasses.

Main fandoms as of right now:
:bulletblue: The Lorax
:bulletblue: Frozen
:bulletblue: Big Hero 6
:bulletblue: Pokemon
:bulletblue: Inside Out

My fictional crushes:

:heart: The Once-ler
:heart: Steven Stone
:heart: Tadashi Hamada
:heart: Hiro Hamada
:heart: Cilan
:heart: Prince Hans
...and others. :XD:

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