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Mah art. :icongrin--plz: Hope you like!!


Magma by PerrythePlatypusGirl
#1 favorite bad guy team.

...Actually, scratch that. Team Plasma is my favorite. But due to nostalgia and watching a Let's Play of ORAS, these babies are definitely a close second. Team Magma FTW.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
Art by me
Internet Logic by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Internet Logic
Y'all think that DreamWorks is some kind of animation god but the truth is they're no better than Disney so sit your asses down.

Yes, I'm angry about this. Can you tell?
Dawn by PerrythePlatypusGirl
Thb, I don't remember much about fourth generation except Team Galactic being hella weird and Dawn being hella cute.
So have a Dawn.

Pokemon (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
Art by me


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This one is a whole lot nicer. I saw someone else do this a while ago and I think I want to do it now. 

I want everybody to comment on this journal and name some deviants that you totally admire and think are rad, and tell me why you appreciate them. (Don't forget to tag them so they can see what you wrote! ;) ) I feel like there's not enough love on here and I want to spread some.

I'll start.

noodlekuki--Girl, you are one of my greatest friends on this site. I can always share ideas with you, talk about fandoms with you...and have about five conversations with you at once, each one consisting of page-long replies. XDD You're really sweet, you make amazing art and photomanips, and you're one of those hard-to-find people that I can actually talk to about cartoon ships without you getting all butthurt. XDD Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

nocofreak18--You were the first person I met in the Once-ler fandom, and I always had so much fun talking to you. I know we don't talk much anymore and we've kinda drifted into different fandoms now, but I'll never forget how much fun I had talking to you and I hope we can talk more often. You're a wonderful writer, you're lots of fun to RP with, and your messages always make me smile. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

AlternativeCandace99--Oh my gosh, girl I adore you. XDDD I officially met you in the Once-ler fandom, but I've known you from waaaaay before, back in the PnF fandom. I have so much fun talking and RP-ing with you, and I wish you'd be more active on here so I can talk to you more~ XDD Your comments always make me smile when I'm sad, and I'm always so happy to see you on here. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

WhiteBAG--Oh, lord, where do I begin? You were one of the first people I watched on dA, heck you were (and still are) one of my idol artists. Most of the people I followed from those first few years in the Phineas and Ferb fandom have drifted away from me now, but not you. Because somehow, you alwasy seem to be in every single fandom I get myself into. :stare: It's really weird and really awesome. Your art is gorgeous, your comments are always fun to read, and you're such a sweet person. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

A-Splashing-Koi--We've only just met recently, but I can already tell that you're tons of fun. You're another one of those people who I can have a zillion comment-conversations with at one time and still not get tired of you, because I'm always interested in what you have to say. Your comments are always full of energy and you make me smile and giggle whenever you talk to me. Let's be sure to do this a lot. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

RocketSonic--Ok, I know we don't talk much since I left the PnF fandom, but let me just say that you are really really awesome. Even though I'm not in the same fandom anymore, you still come talk to me, ask me how I'm doing, and send me lots of updates on new episodes that have been airing (which is great, because it if wasn't for that, I'd be missing tons of PnF specials. XDD). That's not something you usually see on this site, and I really appreciate it. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

Phoenicis-Lunae--Talking with you is always so enlightening. You're really good at analyzing characters and writing in a convincing, easy-to-understand manner. Plus, even though we may not always agree on things like pairings (it's nice to have someone who will have long, mature debates about cartoon pairings with you), you're super respectful and are always a great friend. I hope to have many more conversations with you in the future. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

@cutekid597--A fellow Icebreaker fan!! XDDD Seriously, your art is super duper cute and I love hearing from you and what you have to say. We don't talk much, but we should, and I can't wait to see more of your Icebreaker stuff, along with any other wonderful art that you produce. Stay awesome, I love you so much.

DylanofDisney--Dude. *hugs* Dude, you are so awesome. I can't even being to tell you how awesome you are. Like, you comments are always so sweet and energetic, you Facebook and Deviantart pages are both badass, and you love Icebreaker. Just wow. Don't ever stop being amazing. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

CitrusGalaxy--oh God, we go a looooong way back. XDD I'll never forget the adventures we had in the Phineas and Ferb fandom, debating who was the best match for each of the Fireside Girls. Those were the days. Heh. We may have moved to totally different fandoms, but you're still one of the best friends I've had on here, and I hope we can talk a lot more in the future. Stay awesome, I love you so much.

RosyInk--Gurrrrl, where have you been? I need to talk to you, we have so much to catch up on! (I've finally watched MPaS and I totally get what you mean about Sherman. Please come and fangirl with me.) In all seriousness, you're super sweet, always fun and energetic, and always supportive. I love seeing your art and hearing what you have to say. So seriously, talk to me more. XD Stay awesome, I love you so much.

virgoann--Hi sweetie! Now I may not hang out with you much anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't still love you and want to fangirl with you over silly things. We should hang out and talk more. You're so cute and fun and silly and crazy and wonderful and I adore you. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

jaaychaan--You have always been and continue to be an inspiration to me. Your art is gorgeous, you animations are wonderful, and you're just an all-around fun and intelligent person. I hope to see more amazing work for you in the future, and I hope we can be friends forever and ever. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

Shinken-Silver-14--We've only just met through the BH6 fandom, but girl, you have touched my heart. We need to get together and fangirl over BH6 more often. You're comments are wonderful to read, you are such a strong and beautiful person and I look forward to getting to know you better. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

Thetruffulacupcake---adjhsdkfhsdhfiueh girl. You are crazy in the best way possible. Whenever I get a comment from you I can't help but giggle happily over how cute and energetic you are. You're like the ultimate fangirl and I love it. We come up with the most ridiculous and hilarious RPs, and we need to do that more often because they make me so happy. Plus, your art had really improved over the years and it's amazing to see you grow. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

TheFandomChick36--We haven't spoken much since the Once-ler fandom, but I want you to know that I still think of you a lot! I hope we can talk more in the future, you're such a sweet and gorgeous gal. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

Starvingartist648--You know when you're really close friends with someone that being sarcastic with them and calling them names is considered affection? Yeah, that's how I see you. How you managed to follow me through literally every fandom I've been through on here is ridiculous. :stare: But you know what? I like that. I like talking to you, reading your funny comments, and hanging out over comments like we just don't have a care in the world. You're really kind and so much fun. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

WangChenXing--Mah fellow Javis fan. I love you so fricking much. You and I can talk about so many fandoms together, and your comments area always childishly fun to read. You keep being the fun and awesome friend that you are, and I can't wait to talk to you again. Stay awesome, I love you so much.

lubie-kisiel--oh goodness, your comments always make me smile. You're so supportive, funny, creative, and just amazing in general. So many warm hugs to you, I just adore you so much. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

LoLisa05--Hhhhh. You always make me laugh with your awesomely funny comments and ideas. You and I have been through so many fandoms together, it's ridiculous. Please continue to be an awesome and inspiring friend. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

LadyofTheKeyblade--An Icebreaker fan AND Big Hero 6 fan?? You, girl, are my best friend. XDDD But seriously, I don't talk much to you outside of "thank you's" and a couple of comments on my work, but you're such a nice person and I appreciate everything you do. Your art is super cute as well. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

NicoTheTDPinkiePie--Ah, we've only met recently, but I already consider you a friend. You always have such great things to say, and I just love discussing characters, pairings, and movies with you. I may take a long time to reply, but just know that I love reading everything you write to me, and I love talking to you. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

:devcinammonscribblez7:--You are hilarious. Just. Wonderful. XDD Every time you leave a comment on my art, I smile, and I always look forward to what you have to say. Don't ever stop being funny, clever, and adorable. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

JelsaFrost15--You are childishly hilarious and it's amazing. You're in that perfect spot of being a huge fangirl without being an annoying fanbrat. You're lots of fun to talk to, your photomanips are awesome, and you always have great things to say. Stay awesome, I love you so much :heart:

x-Jazzy-B-Real-x--You're one of the coolest people I've ever met, really. You're so introspective, so analytical, and that's something I really love about you. You're always complaining about how you can't explain yourself in short sentences, but you know what? That's totally ok with me. Reading your long, well-written analyses of characters and pairings is one thing I love doing and love about your comments. Don't ever stop. Stay awesome, I love you so much. :heart:

That's all I have for today, but this is far from a completed list. There's so many people on here that I love and adore, and if you're reading this journal, then you're one of them. :heart:

Now it's your turn. Pick some people that you admire, tag them in the comments, and tell them how you feel. Spread the love. Spread it like butter. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say. Let's go!

Stay awesome, and I love you all!! :heart:
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United States
Hi, my name is Maria, a high school Christian girl living in California. I made this account because I have drawings up to here that I want to show off. (Because I'm a very big show-off ^^; )Besides drawing, I also take pleasure in singing and writing, mostly singing. And I am constantly changing my art style, so watch out!

I have frizzy brown hair that may be a little TOO thick, and greenish-hazel eyes. I'm tannish and I wear glasses

Peeps I :heart: :


Other awesome people I love (that you should also go check out...) :

:iconwhitebag::iconelianess: :iconoopstheregomyfeels::iconbrbdancebending: :icondsguy411: :iconewi121::iconcreepecrawlyman::iconmangoicecream735: :iconjosabella: :iconangelus19::iconsam-ely-ember: :iconarieldu: :iconicepearl14: :iconbowselle97: :iconluzelectizante: :iconisabella-and-phin::iconfawnspiritforever: :iconcoolmice4ever: :iconceceliaa: :iconiluvperry: :iconnanyhoney011: :icondeathseventyone: :iconsideshowbobfanatic: :iconpjcb12: :iconhoneysucle10: :iconassortedcartoonist: :icontherandomclassic: :iconxxsunnydayloverxx: :iconinsanesamantha: :iconmikimonster: :iconkicsterash: :iconluigifangirl101: :iconmonksea::iconxcandyliciousx::iconterrytoon::iconrosyink::icongli7ch3dw0lf::icon8-xenon-8::iconfaster-by-choice::iconzahzah-chan::iconciomy::iconxrockergirl::iconheeyjayp17::iconcosartmic::iconcosmicponye::iconcrazyadventurer::iconaroojbasit::icondokifanart::iconiamnotcrazyyouare::iconcookie3death3cap::iconorthgirl123::iconxxthe-rebel-armyxx::iconnocofreak18::iconcallmedani::iconferbella101::icontb-one::iconmarieofthneedville::icondibsgirl14::iconalternativecandace99::icontheonce-ler101::iconlukesnumberonefan::iconskinkz::iconvirgoann::iconnoodlekuki::icono0-hanaya-0o:

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